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Software Defined Networking

Software Defined Networking

Software defined networking is a hot subject right now with many networking vendors, including Cisco with ACI. I’ve been looking in to ACI and other SDN offerings recently which got me thinking about the subject in more detail.

It was many years ago whilst at Uni, I was managing a small print newszine and getting reviews for Sci-Fi books. One I got back was from my friend, Dan. It read;

“By Fading Suns. It’s great”

And that was it.

As I said I’ve been reading around on a few of the SDN platforms for a few clients and quite frankly if I could get away with a similar review I would, but I probably need to justify as this isn’t about a book and is considerably more expensive.

So why SDN? Well one of the costliest points for any system is getting the network correct. No matter what intentions you have, parts of a solution will always have to talk to other parts of the solution. I’m sure we’ve all been there when parts aren’t working, only to find that it’s a firewall or a route mismatch.

SDN takes this away by allowing you to template out network structures which can be reused. This also allows for smaller and internal only networks to be created, which can even overlap internally, giving the app design team free reign to build how they need, without costly networking gear.

Whilst this sounds like a nightmare to anyone used to networks, imagine within a datacentre to be able to create anything you like, with an access address for your app given to you. No further involvement is needed other than on you deciding how the internal bits talk to each other however you like. This is the vision for SDN…

Software Defined Networking High Level Diagram

Of course, how you get out of this world is still controlled by the network team…

Overall this years NetApp Insight conference was inspiring and we here at Simplify IT can’t wait to see what next year’s conference will bring.

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