11th April 2019 Jordan Tooth

NetApp EBC Event

On Tuesday (9th April 2019), Simplify IT set off to Amsterdam for the first of our 2019 Executive Briefing Centres hosted at NetApp’s Data Visionary Centre – we got the weather too!

We were accompanied by key IT leaders from several commercial organisations.  Their aim, to discover more about NetApp technologies, roadmaps and business transformation solutions to help define their digital strategies.

Throughout the event our customers viewed presentations and open forum sessions delivered by NetApp’s leading technologists. These revealed new ways of thinking, new capabilities and outcomes and the overall business direction that the industry is taking.

It is here they discovered that NetApp is not just the traditional storage company which they all previously believed.

Each session, although individual, clearly tied the NetApp vision together with thought provoking and strategic questions being asked of those attending, all relating back to their individual company objectives and strategies. Cloud and Hybrid Cloud solutions formed predominant elements of everyone’s thinking.

The EBC gave our guests the chance to immerse themselves in NetApp’s vision, strategy and expertise, while learning and exchanging new ideas and discussing business challenges. Every attendee had a number of key takeaways to discuss with their wider teams back in the UK.  Further deep-dive sessions are being arranged by Simplify IT to explore specific technology areas at a more granular level.

The next trip is already in the planning and we are looking forward to the next group of forward-thinking IT professionals and data visionaries to join us.

If you’re interested, or would like some more information, simply email sales@simplifyit.co.uk  or give us a call us on 0345 1243 440

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