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Simplify IT Solutions Ltd

An IT Reseller with a Difference




Simplify IT, A Traditional IT Reseller with a Difference.


The modern world is constantly changing and the key for out customers is business agility.

Business systems need to be fast, resilient and have the ability cope with the changing needs of customers.

The data needs to be available at anytime, anyplace , anywhere.


What can WE do for YOU?

  • Design, install and support modern agile data centres where application mobility is inherent.
  • Use our cost savings calculators to determine the ideal environment for your applications and how to move them.
  • Provide the tools to manage a hybrid solution; on premise, cloud, hosted or multicloud.
  • Offering AWS and Azure services with GBP  monthly billing while providing free of charge cost optimisation.
  • Implementation of Software Defined Networks (SDN) which can exist in multiple data centres using policy based software and stretch securely between on-premise and cloud providers.
  • Reduce software licensing costs through effective solution design and license modelling.
  • Provide the tools and know how to achieve ongoing cost effectiveness.