Software Defined Networking

Data networks are rapidly evolving into a virtualised platform, also known as Software-Defined Networking (SDN), an automated and policy-based network, managed by a centralised software platform.


Traditional network equipment,

managed individually by command line interface (CLI) or a management console is more time consuming to administer and maintain in comparison to SDN, managed centrally by software.

With SDN, policy based scripts to automate configuration and changes dramatically reduce administration time and align better with the need for multitenancy or cloud integration.


Software Defined Networking is the next generation of network, if you have a cloud strategy, require multitenancy or even want to reduce the man-hours to maintain your network with automation, then it’s time to consider SDN.


Simplify IT will help you through each step of the process, from scope and evaluation, to solution design, then full implementation.


A fully automated network requiring less time to administer/maintain, aligned better with cloud or multitenancy, and of course, increased speed if your network isn’t already 10Gbe/40Gbe/100Gbe.

Facts you may be interested in:

  • SDN networks evaluate changes before they’re made, meaning there is less risk of outage from man-made problems than a traditional network.
  • SDN networks have a higher level of security with Cisco’s analysing services, detecting abnormalities on the network.
  • SDN network licenses are interchangeable, when you upgrade/refresh the hardware, the license is not redundant, it can be utilised on the new equipment, the hardware is commodity, the software, management and support are the intelligence.
  • Simplify IT are offering 0% finance on all Cisco SDN equipment, meaning your new network can be purchased as OPEX over 12, 24 or 36 months (subject to credit status).
  • Simplify IT offer a reduction in AWS and Azure subscription costs, we can provide a simple free evaluation to show your monthly cost of SDN and how much we could reduce your cloud subscription costs (in %) to leverage your new network.

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SDN For Dummies

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Cisco Workload Optimisation Manager

Cisco Workload Optimization Manager is a tool used to efficiently manage your entire virtual estate, be it on-premise, cloud, VMware or Hyper-V


It analyses each VM in your estate and reports on provisioning however, reporting is only the start. The report also contains actions on how to efficiently manage the VM estate to make better use of resource and improve performance. It ALSO makes the changes for you, manually or automated, any VMs which are not best optimised can be edited from the control panel


When fully optimised, keep track of your VMs for performance and resources. It’s a single dashboard of management which you can also keep track on from mobile devices


In real-time, each VM is evaluated for cloud and in real-time you see the cost of moving your VM into the cloud, you also see the comparison of public cloud supplier pricing to evaluate whether AWS, Azure or keeping on-premise is the better solution

Cisco UCS

Simplify IT is a Cisco Premier Partner, providing Cisco UCS (Unified Computing System) integrated infrastructure solutions to speed up your IT operations.

Cisco UCS will create the modern data centre technology foundations you need for initiatives, such as private cloud, big data, and desktop virtualisation.

  • Blade servers
  • Rack servers
  • Networking
  • Unified Management Systems
  • Converged Infrastructure
  • Server Connectivity
  • Automated Workflow
  • Platform Agnostic Virtualisation
  • Migration Tools
  • Private/Hybrid Cloud

Cisco UCS Director provides centralised automation of your physical and virtual resources.

Contact us to see how we can unify your existing network.

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