Technical Support

As a NetApp Authorised Support Partner (ASP), Simplify IT are amongst just a select few NetApp partners that hold the highest level of knowledge in the area of remote and onsite maintenance support services on NetApp products.

Whether you choose to use our ASP support or direct vendor support our Points Based Support Contract provides an umbrella support mechanism that covers the more in-depth levels of management and trouble solving across your core environments.

  • Umbrella points system covering core technologies
    • NetApp, Microsoft, Cisco, VMWare, Networking, Catalogic
  • Flexible and granular points based call off
  • Bespoke support packages

With Simplify IT Support Services you can be confident in knowing that you have skilled resources available upon request to resolve your questions and issues in a quick and professional manner around the clock. Contact us today to discuss your technical support requirements and we will tailor a package to suit you.